Redesigned Lawyers With Depression Website Coming Soon

The website was started four years ago and this companion blog two years ago.  It’s time for a change and a new site will appear on February 1, 2012.

My site began in 2008 when I went looking for a website where I could contribute an article about my experiences with depression while practicing law – and my recovery from it.  I was really surprised that I couldn’t find one – especially because studies show that lawyers suffer from depression at a rate twice that of the general population.

So, I started this one.  I am so blessed by all the meaning and connections that have come to my door because of it.  People often asked me how I found the time to work on it while running a busy career, “Doesn’t it stress you out?”  I always replied that it wasn’t stressful because I found it so meaningful – a great balm for stress, don’t you think?

Now after hundreds of thousands of visitors, it’s time for change.  I am redesigning the site with the help of a very creative young man named Andy Staple from Staple Web Design. One of the biggest changes you will notice is that I have moved my blog to the website to make it easier to follow both. I am also breaking down “Depression in the News” into two parts – one about depression and stress in the legal profession news and one about “Depression in General”.  The old site and its news section was only updated once a month – in the new site, the news will be updated weekly. I also am updating the blogroll, recommended books and resources.

So I invite you to join me.  I hope that the new site is as relevant and helpful as the old.

Please feel free to share with me and others your thoughts and reflections about what the site and blog have meant to you or someone you know over these past four years.


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